Domaine Lamy Caillat

2008 is the year when Sebastien and Florence's next door neighbor knocks on their door to offer renting his 1.5 hectare vineyard.

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The couple didn’t think about it not even for a split second and accepted it right away. The couple kept working on its own domaine, called LamyPillot (which belongs to Florence), but at the same time they have also taken care of the vineyard rented up until 2011, when they founded their own estate, the Domani Lamy-Caillat.

The work progress parallel in both estates, but it is in their own family business that Sebastien and Florence are able to express their philosophy. The couple wanted to create something more artisanal and very little elaborated with their micro-domaine.

Sebastien Caillat meticulously devotes immense attention to every single detail, from the vineyard to the bottling, leaving nothing to chance.

From the first vintage in Lamy-Caillat, the improvements were constant and every harvest was better than the previous ones.

Deeply rooted in Chasagne-Montrachet, the Domaine Lamy-Caillat produces only white wine. And in order to produce great wine, Sebastien and Florence have been working in close contact with nature.

Sebastien and Florence’s desire is to go back o the origin and to keep the winemaking methods natural and traditional. The artisanal winemaking and in particular the long “elevage” is what defines this family estate, with wine products that spend two winters on the yeasts before the bottling process.

After the pressing process with an old mechanical press and a short wine decanting, the must is transferred into barrels for its fermentation. The alcoholic and malolactic fermentations proceed slowly in the cold wine cellar of the Domaine. From the 2013 harvest, the wine goes under a long period of maceration, spending as long as 28 months on the yeasts. After the barrel aging process, all the wine products are transferred in tini (barrels) inox for six months.

The wine is sometimes clarified but never filtered, and the bottling process takes place directly from the barrel.