The idea of the Cordero Distribuzione was in Giampiero’s mind since 2016, and was born from his willingness to share his passion for wine, the results of his experiences, and travels with restaurants all over Italy and not only with his family restaurant, Il Centro of Priocca.

Even though he had this idea in 2016, the project was able to get started only in 2023, after years of planning and preparation.

The main goal has been to bring to Italy the quality of wine that comes from excellent producers, and to make available an extraordinary selection to passionate people.

The heart of the project is sharing emotions and stories through wine.

Our job is based directly on the authentic relationship with producers and clients. Personal relationships are to us the base of any trustful relationship, and they are fundamental in order to share the different realities through the wine that we represent.

Thanks to the personal and careful management of every phase of the process (from the producer to the consumer), we would like to guarantee that the quality of our wine will always be preserved and valued. We want to create a bond between Italy and big wine producers, and offer our clients an exceptional label selection with an authentic experience.