Alessandro Masnaghetti

Alessandro Masnaghetti, born in 1962, obtained a degree in Nuclear Engineering, but his passion for wine soon took over, and he started his multifaceted path in the enology world, working as a wine taster, editor, journalist, wine cartographer and mapper, and a popularizer of wines, who’s reputation extends even outside Italy (in 2021, he was named “Person of the Year” by Revue du Vin de France for his comprehensive work with wine and wine culture).
He specializes in Italian and French wine, and has long collaborated with Luigi Veronelli, an undisputed figure in the food and wine sector in Italy. Masnaghetti curated four editions of Veronelli’s Guide Oro – I vini di Veronelli.

Masnaghetti has worked as a journalist for several national and international newspapers, such as ll Giornale, Vinum-Svizzera, La Revue du Vin de France, and Wine Today.

In 1996, he became one of the co-founders of the Grand Jury Européen (an association aimed at finding a different method of classifying wine), and in 2001 he featured in the first and second edition of Espresso’s Wine Guide.

Since 2007, Masnaghetti has given life to the Italian wine regions with his maps and his books, paying homage to the complexity and the beauty of their so called “terroir”. His works, such as Barolo MGA, Barbaresco MGA, and Chianti Classico, are essential for anybody involved in the Italian wine industry, from producers to wine enthusiasts. His work offers a deep view of the roots of Italian wine as well as the Italian wine diversity.

Masnaghetti’s maps are not just simple geographical drawings, but enological works of art. Every detail has been carefully covered, from the altitude of the vineyards to soil variations.

In 2014, Wine Spectator nicknamed him “Mapman” in a lengthy monographic article, and since then, he has been known as such by enthusiasts from all over the world.

Since 2015, he has also collaborated with Antonio Galloni on a significant project mapping California and its vineyards.

Barolo MGA Vol. 1. L’enciclopedia delle grandi vigne del Barolo

Barolo MGA Vol. 2: Vendemmie, Storie di Ieri, Rarità e altro ancora

Barbaresco MGA: L’enciclopedia delle grandi vigne del Barbaresco

Chianti Classico: l’atlante dei vigneti e delle UGA