Grown up between the flavors and the knowledge of the dining room and the kitchen of his family’s Restaurant, Il Centro di Priocca, Giampiero, after finishing his studies at the Enological school of Alba, started working for a while with a very well recognized Italian enologist.

In order to better understand the wine and food world, Giampiero decided then to travel abroad and he went to London, where he worked in the restaurant business. He then went to Spain and also France, where he worked with well-known chefs, such as Ferran and Albert Adria. Giampiero also collaborated in the United States with an import and distribution company.

But inside him, the wine passion kept growing and when he returned to his own town Priocca, Giampiero decided to work in the restaurant with his family, but he wanted to take charge of the Il Centro’s wine cellar, specializing in the search and selection of exclusive wine labels, with particular focus on Langhe and Roero along with the most important regions in the world, such as Burgundy and Bordeaux.
But what was initially a work related goal soon became something bigger: passion and integral part of Giampiero’s life. Wine has always been his world. Therefore, with time the producers became real friends. They became people towards who Giampiero developed a lot of trust, and friends of a journey that has always been his destiny.

A new project was developed and in 2023 the Cordero Distribution was born.