Domaine Bachelet-Monnot - Cordero Distribuzione

After finishing their studies in enology and completing important internships between France and Australia, brothers Marc and Alex Bachelet take the reins of the family Domaine, which was run until then by their father and uncle.

In 2005, the Domaine Bachelet-Monnot was born.

Since the beginning, Marc and Alex have been cultivating approximately twenty hectares planted in an equal way between Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in an ethical and environmentally friendly approach. No herbicide has been used in the vineyards, and the rows have been plowed regularly to manage weeds, ventilate the soil and cut the horizontal roots to encourage deep growth.

In the cellar the Chardonnay grapes undergo a long pressing before fermenting with indigenous yeasts.

Pinot Noir grapes are mostly destemmed and only 15-30% of the whole bunches are used for fermentation. In the past, a cold maceration had been used for the red grapes. However, the two brothers realized that this practice could have led to an excessive use of sulfur dioxide.

In addition to the traditional barrels, Alex and Marc have also used larger ones, with a capacity of 350 liters, for their whites, to avoid strong wooden flavors in the wine.

The wine ages for 12 months before being racked in steel or cement tanks for an additional six to eight months of aging on the yeasts before bottling.