Amiot Servelle - Cordero Distribuzione

The origins of the Domaine date back to the early 1920s when Clément Tachot began to cultivate some vineyards in Chambolle-Musigny.

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In the 1950s Clément’s daughter Cècile and her husband Jean Servelle took over and created Domaine Tachot-Servelle.

In 1980, Christian Amiot, whose father, Pierre Amiot, winemaker in the nearby village of Morey-Saint-Denis, came to work in the Domaine of his wife Elisabeth Servelle, daughter of Jean and Cécile.

In 1989, Christian Amiot and Elisabeth Servelle took over the business and created the Domaine Amiot-Servelle.

Christian and Elisabeth had three children: Prune, Violette and Antoine.

Prune graduated in oenology in 2004. Then, after a period of training and work at several vineyard owners in France and abroad, she returned to the family estate in May 2011.

Violette has chosen music and is an artist-teacher of percussion at the regional academy of music.

Antoine, after graduating from the Burgundy School of Business, went to Japan to discover the secrets of Sake production. After working for some years in wine sales in Beaune, he decided to graduate in Viticulture and Oenology at the Beaune Oenological School. He returned to the family estate in September 2017.

From 2020, Prune and Antoine took control of the Domaine and remained true to the company’s philosophy. Their goal is to cultivate grapes giving priority to environmental sustainability by banning any use of chemicals. Respect for soil, vine, fruit and the environment is the guiding rule of the Domaine Amiot-Servelle.

Since 2010 the Domaine has become owner of some important plots in Morey-Saint-Denis and Gevrey-Chambertin among which stand out: the Clos Saint-Denis and the Charmes-Chambertin ” en Mazoyères “.

In the winery, rigour and precision are the masters, Antoine says that once great grapes are harvested it is the producer’s task to do everything possible to preserve their integrity and entity. Fermentation takes place spontaneously and the wine is then not filtered or clarified.

Today Amiot-Servelle is clearly one of the landmarks in the wine scene of Chambolle-Musigny. The wines are energetic, vibrant and authentic just like Prune and Antoine.