Arnaud Tessier - Cordero Distribuzione

Breaking down the rule of selling the grapes to wholesalers, Arnaud Tessier started the winemaking and bottling process by himself about 15 years ago, after his father had died.

At that time, he was in his early 20s. Nonetheless, he has been demonstrating an outstanding foresight. As of today, he is considered by wine critics as one of the “new” most talented producers in the Cote des Blancs area.

His mantra has always been that the vineyard goes first. Arnaud gradually expanded the wine estate, which, as of today, counts with 7.5 hectares, most of them in the so-called Meursault area.

The work in the vineyard is only biological, even though Arnaud never wanted to get the certification for that.

Arnaud and his wife Catherine are taking care together of all aspect of the estate.

Bourgogne Blanc "Champ-Perrier"
Bourgogne Cote d’or
Bourgogne Blanc
Bourgogne Blanc "Herbeux"
Meursault "Les Casse-Tetes"
Meursault, Domaine Tessier
Meursault, Domaine Tessier
Meursault Les grands charrons
Meursault 1er
Meursault 1er "Le Poruzot Dessus"
Meursault 1er "Les Charmes-Dessus"
Meursault 1er
Meursault 1er "Les Genevrieres"
Bourgogne Aligoté