Antonio Quari

Who better than Antonio Quari can testify to how important the choices made with the heart are to our lives.

When you really put your heart into what you do you can achieve absolutely anything, as proven by the fact that this young man from Lecco, who had nothing to do with the world of wine, first became the chef de cave of Prieure Roch and then opened his own domaine.

Passionate about wine and curious to discover what lay behind the creation of a bottle, Antonio began working as a jack of all trades at domaine Prieure Roch in Nuits Saint Georges. Having originally intended to spend just a few months working there, Antonio continued his adventure over the years, working more and more closely with Henry-Frederic Roch and Yannick Champ.

Passion and love, combined with the experience that Antonio gained over the years, led him to his current position as the domaine’s chef de cave and also, since 2017, to produce his very own wine: Ladoix Les Briquottes. The Pinot Noir grapes from which it is made are grown organically by Domaine Perrin, (an estate which has been farming organically since 2005) and come from a vineyard planted in 1976.

Vinification is the same as for Roch’s wines, so all fermentation is spontaneous and intervention on the wine and must is kept to a minimum, to the point of being completely absent in some vintages.

The label states his vision: “Non progredi est Regredi”, meaning “not to progress is to regress”. This motto encourages us to always look further, without ever stopping, because every step forward opens up new paths.